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The film is available for watching online at thewaywemakegold.com. To watch it, you need to hold an active e-mail account, complete your registration and pay a one-time access fee of PLN 30 (including VAT).

After successful registration and payment, the movie is available to watch for 48 hours. You can watch it an unlimited number of times during this time.

Polish or English subtitles of the film are available.

Playing the movie requires Internet access and a device that supports the playback of online multimedia content (video/audio), a web browser (supporting Javascript and cookies), a plug-in/PDF file viewer.

In case of problems with loading the online player, please refresh the page. Also, try closing inactive tabs or change your browser.

In case of further problems with playing the movie, we will gladly provide e-mail assistance at the following address: . Providing information regarding the browser and system you use, along with your login name, may help us resolve the issue.

To obtain an invoice, click here – and provide the required invoice details using an online form on the linked page)

You can also go to the “Get Invoice” link at the bottom of the www.thewaywemakegold.com